Friday, 27 December 2013

Time for Politics is changing?

Atleast other parties started thinking of good things after AAP party has come ..This is what will be changed after competition in parties.More number of parties will mean more competition & which will result in betterment of country..
We are not against any party but against the ways our money is being used. We do hard work to make money & give taxes and there after it is our right to expect that our money is being used with proper ways..I know how difficult is for me to pay tax. If i suffers from fever, I never go to the doctor thinking of who will pay his fees, thinking of that fever will go after sometime by its own & that money i will use some where for my children, my spouse or for my parents..And every month i pay huge amount of income tax..Just think how i pay that..with how much difficulty i pay that..sacrificing whose interests i am paying that.. for the Common Man like me, all income goes to the government directly or indirectly. I have to pay VAT, income tax, road tax, toll tax, service tax, entertainment tax........list is too long...If good governance would be there i need not to pay all these..and my quality of life would be different..This has to be understood by each & every citizen of the country..I am paying for leader's choppers, their good standard of living, their security, their international visits, their..................This should be known to all the citizens including the supporters of the parties.
I never support any party nor any person but the ideas of the party and dynamism in the party. Government affects every bodies life & this has to be understood by every one. AAP may or may not be good but see the ideas they have. They have mentioned each & every point of their manifesto with clarity in their website..It means they cannot move back..It means they have clear ideas..Hopefully they will show their dynamism also..
All that i can do now is just to keep my fingers crossed & wait n watch AAP government. If they will not deliver they will also be out after some time but one thing will be remembered by everyone that any person can contest elections & can win. They have atleast given idea to other common people.
Time has come for the change in politics. People from IIM & IITs are joining politics now.Common man is joining politics..Students have started discussing politics..Time is changing..Just listen to its tick tock..

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