Thursday, 28 August 2014

Some Interesting Mistakes in Bollywood Movies; For sure you have missed them..

Most of we guys watch movies keeping our brain aside and that should be there otherwise we will not be able to enjoy the movie. But some people do take their brains inside theater & results can be seen with the following facts:-

1. Dil waale dulhaniya le jayenge:

2. Dhoom 3 : A movie by Mr. Perfectionist has also flaws.Samar catches Sahil's right hand at first and when they fall he catches his left hand..

3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag : This Movie should have shown the era of 1950's ; when Milkha singh joined Military. But what is this we are seeing Cell phone tower in the scene.

4. Queen : There is a scene in which Kangana is supposed to be in Paris, now see the pics below:

In between there is a cute little 'salon' with cartooned portraits of Shah Rukh Khan and some other popular Indian actors.

Definitely it can not be Paris.

5. 3 IdiotsIn the scene where Farhan and Raju threaten to drop Mr.Chanchad's remain down the drain, they drop the pot's cap in the commode but when they hand back the pot to the real Ranchoddas the cap is still there.

6. Race2You'll notice a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Now just after a second, when the car is about to blow up, the car magically changes.

Height of Money Saving in Bollywood.

To be continued.............................

Monday, 25 August 2014

Most interesting lines written behind trucks in India...

This one is interesting & little peaceful to your mind unlike Politics, Finance. Most of the trucks in India may or may not have clear number plate on them but one thing is sure they have Excellent tag lines attached to them. I was reading some column and got these Quotes & thought of sharing .Few are:-

1)“अमीरों की ज़िन्दगी,  बिस्कुट और केक पर,
     ड्राईवर की ज़िन्दगी, क्लच और ब्रेक पर.” 

2) “बुरी नज़र वाले, तेरे बच्चे जियें,
       बड़े होकर, देसी शराब पियें”

3) दम है तो पास कर, वरना बर्दाश्त कर.

4) लड़की को मत घूर, पाप होगा !
     तू भी किसी दिन, किसी हसीना का बाप होगा !! 


6) "नेकी कर ओर जूते खा, मैने खाएँ हैं तू भी खा" 

7) "दुल्हन वही जो पिया मन भाये, गाड़ी वही जो नोट कमाए" 

8) न्यू के देखे से? ये तो न्यू एही चालागी !   (In Harayanvi)

9) "Neem Ka Ped Chandan Se Kam Nhi,
    Hamara Punjab London Se Kam Nhi"

10) "Sarh naa..kishtaan te hai.."

11)  इराक का पानी, और कितना पीयेगी रानी ?

12) मैं बड़ा होकर बड़ा ट्रक बनूँगा.. (This was excellent..Written on small Tempo)

13) सेठों में सेठ साँवरिया सेठ, बाकी सब फोटो-स्टेट  !

14) तितलियाँ रस पीती है, भवरें बदनाम होतें हैं |
       दुनिया शराब पीती है , ड्राईवर बदनाम होते हैं ||

15) बजा होर्न, निकल फ़ौरन !

16) " किसी की अमानत देखकर हैरान न हो,
        भगवान तुझे भी देगा परेशान न हो । "

17) Dheere Chalo, Pyaar Milega !
     Tez chalo, Haridwaar Milega !

18) Humari chalti hain Logon ki jalti hain.

19) "Maalik kee amaanat, driver kee paseena;
Road pe chalti hain, Tata ki haseena"

20) चलती है गाड़ी, उडती है धूल,
जलते हैं दुश्मन, तो खिलते हैं फूल!

21 )"Shauk nahi madam majburi hai, 1081 chalana zaruri hai." (It is not my hobby madam; driving 1081 is my necessity"( 1081 is the truck number)

22) Agar aap ye padh sakte hai, toh aap mere bahut paas me aa gaye hai.

23) I am risky without whiskey.

24) लटक मत, पटक दूँगी !

25)  Jyada Khayegi to moti ho jaegi.

26) 1st truck  - Sawan ko aane do.(Let the spring come )

2nd truck hitting 1st - Aaya sawan jhum ke (Spring came swayingly )

27) "Oyee ! Don't stare at my "butt" , u have ur own "" !

28) "Bhaagti hai to bhagaa le ....warna peeche lagaa le"

29) Hamare Paas Mat Aana Varna Hum Pappi Le Lenge !

30) Peeche se waar buzdil ki nishani hai...

31) OH HO!!!!! JEEJA JI SE RACE.....

32) " Diye mein jyot jalti hai, tel nahi, Is gaadi ko overtake karna koi bacche ka khel nahi "

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

ऐसा भारत देश हे मेरा..ऐसा भारत देश हे मेरा..

चाहे कितने हैं भेस ..पर एक है हमारा देश..
कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी..एक है जिंद एक जान हमारी..
गुजरात से अरुणाचल हमारी भारत मा का आंचल..
तीन ओर जाल की तरंग ओर माथे मुकूट हिमालया पर्बत..गले सजी गंगा मैया जलज जिसका शरबत..
उत्तर में भाँगड़ा दक्षिण कथकली..कोल्कत्ता में hawrah और दिल्ली में paranthey वाली गल्ली ..
दिल्ली धड़कन है दिल की..तो उत्तर प्रदेश नवज़ इसकी..
लाजवाब है राजस्थान का दाल बाती चूरमा..और जन्नत हैं पंजाब के चावल राजमाह..
एक देश और हजारों रंग..जहाँ रेह्ते सब संग संग..
भारत माँ के गान गाते..सब को शांति अहिंसा का पाठ पड़ाते..
साबरमती का है आश्रय जो..हमारा प्यारा भारत वो..
कहीं ढोल तो कहीं नगाड़ा..नाचता हमारा भारत सारा.
जहाँ रही थी माँ टरेसा..जहाँ जन्मे थे महात्मा गाँधी..
जहाँ वीर भगत सिंह जैसे..हम भारत वासी ऐसे..
ऐसा भारत देश हमारा..ऐसा भारत देश हमारा..
जहाँ शहीदों कि चीताहो पर लगते हर बरस मेले..जहाँ ध्यान चंद, तेंडुलकर जैसे खेले..
जिसको केह्ते सब चिड़या सोने की..जहाँ प्रथा है बज़ुर्गों का आदर संजोने की..
ऐसा भारत देश हे मेरा..ऐसा भारत देश हे मेरा..

-गगन काँसल

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Finally Kejri effect on Supreme court.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday adjourned a case filed by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) seeking dissolution of the Delhi legislative assembly followed by fresh elections, but judges said it was imperative that citizens of Delhi should be governed by the legislators they had elected. A constitutional bench headed by H.L. Dattu with J. Chelameswar, A.K. Sikri, R.K. Agrawal and Arun Mishra observed that they wanted the “appropriate authority” to take action and decide on the fate of the Delhi assembly, which is in suspended animation since February. There were no directions of any kind from the bench. However, Dattu, speaking for the bench, said that for a Delhi citizen who had elected his/her representative, it was imperative that he/she be governed by them. Members of the legislative assembly drawing salaries from taxpayers’ money without doing any work was not what a Delhi citizen would want, the judges said. The AAP, which ruled Delhi with outside support from the Congress party, resigned in February after the Congress and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) blocked its bid to introduce anti-corruption legislation. Lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung has held the assembly in suspended animation since then, prompting the AAP to demand fresh elections.  Senior lawyers Fali S. Nariman and Shanti Bhushan, representing the AAP, highlighted the Centre’s duty to give Delhi an elected government. Nariman argued that Delhi had been given the special status of a “national capital territory”, which would give it certain aspects of a state, like an elected government, making it necessary that this deadlock was ended. With no party forming a government, keeping the assembly suspended wasn’t fulfilling the people’s fundamental right to be governed by their elected representatives, they argued. Additional solicitor general P.S. Narsimha, counsel for the central government, said that months during which there has been President’s rule in Delhi isn’t that long a time, given that the tenure of a government is five years. Saying there was still a chance of a government being formed with fresh elections, Narsimha asked the court to not impose a time restriction on the government’s decision regarding the Delhi assembly.​ The case will be heard next on 9 September.
source: live mint