Saturday, 28 December 2013

Nayak of Delhi has taken Oath.

And so the day has finally come, when an Aam Aadmi, supported by countless other Aam aadmi's and aurat's across the country and abroad, took oath as the chief Minister of Delhi.  History books read by the future generations will find a mention of your role in golden words. Because today would not have been possible if you had not donated, volunteered, campaigned and voted for your party. 
Congratulations. This is your triumph. Please take a moment to look back a year ago, when no one except you gave AAP any chance. That is the power of the Aam Aadmi that you have shown to the world. 
People are celebrating in all sorts of ways. Some organized small functions in their cities & states and urged people to join AAP. The energy & passion is contagious. 
I am attaching some pictures that defined this historic day. Its also time to realize that the journey to eradicate corruption and bring good governance has just begun. You made today happen, your support will also make a better future happen. 
Once again, congratulations and thank you. None of this would have been possible without you mango people.
Kudos to Rakhi Birla who has become mantri ji at the age of just 27.
"If somebody asks you for bribe in Delhi, Please give..Setting kar lena uske saath..Rest I will see. I will give you people a telephone number, Just leave a message..we will catch the guy taking bribe red handed" These are the words said by Mr. Mukhyamantri ji. Great Start..Great words..Great Speech..Speech has touched everybody soul..It reminded me the speech of Nehru that he has given on 15 Aug, 1947. Will Arvind be the next Nehru or will he be next Gandhi..Time will tell.

We are really expecting too much from you. Let you deliver our expectations, we will make you King of Nation. Jo garjega bhi aur barsega bhi..Good Luck Delhi..

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