Friday, 4 April 2014


Aamir & Arvind: Fighting for same cause?
You believe or not but i do think that Aamir khan will vote for AAP. Yesterday or day before yesterday, He was on ABP news with serial named "ASAR" & it was seen that he was supporting the ideology of Arvind and his team. I believe Aamir khan to be a real Alchemist. He really converts simple metal into gold. I remember him doing advertisement for Samsung Mobiles at time when Samsung was no where & see the height on which Samsung is right now. Every movie he touched has done wonders. Lets see how his words will affect Politics this time. Superstar Aamir Khan endorsed the ideology of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), but ruled out lending support to the nascent party in the run up to the Lok Sabha polls. "Most parties promise to do things for people if they are voted to power, but AAP is the only party which says people will be a part of that rule. But AAP has to be tested and I do not want to say anything in a hurry", Khan said at an interaction organized by the Indian Women Press Corps.The 49 year old actor, who had earlier supported activist Anna Hazare in his fight for a strong anti-corruption law, said he does not see himself as a social activist and will not join politics. "A social activist lives for a cause. Iam happy as an actor and a creative person, contributing to social causes", he said, while evading a question on who would be his choice for the prime ministerial candidate. The actor had written to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expessing deep anguish over corruption when Anna Hazare went on fast to push for the Lok Pal Bill. " Iam one of the over one billion citizens in this country who is concerned about corruption", wrote Khan. Kejriwal was part of the movement, but parted ways with Hazare to form AAP. "It would be inappropriate for me to support any political party. Democracy empowers everyone to exercise their choice and I will vote too" said the actor and host of the television show Satyamev Jayate. He also said he did not understand the logic of opinion polls. Khan talked a lot about what he hopes "Satyamev Jayate's will achieve and how it has changed his own life. "I have become brittle", he said. However, he admitted that to expect a change in the mindset of peopleovernight was unrealistic. "We have had threats from khap panchayats and a section of doctors after our episode to popularise generic medicines. The only threat I get is about people boycotting my movies and it doesn't put me under any pressure as the choice is theirs", he said. At the conference organized a day ahead of the International Women's Day, Khan said justice should be rendered swiftly for perpetrators of crimes against women.

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