Saturday, 8 February 2014

Will Modi-fication happen in India?

Every where i go around i listen up the same noise , the same politics !! Modi will or Rahul will or who will?? But who knows who will? If third front a new trick of congress? If this third front is formed to cut votes of Mr. Modi ?? This is first time that Congress & BJP are using new ways for Advertisement. Every where i have to see congress or BJP advertisements only. May be it is a hoarding or internet. Even if i open up you tube for listening song, i have to listen up the speech of Mr Rahul first. Though in Delhi its too cold but climate is always warm with Arvind Kejriwal. Every day a new issue , a new agenda.. Today i am stunned with the announcement of Anna ji. He has also printed a list with 17 points. Now if Arvind agrees to his points then Anna Hazare will start supporting him which will prove a new catalyst in Lok sabha elections. I think if  he starts supporting Arvind then it will surely affect Lok sabha elections as all supporters of Anna will then blindly support Arvind too. So the competition is going to be healthy at national level. I have one more doubt in my mind about the Delhi Government after Lok sabha. Till now it appears that Congress is supporting Arvind just for the cause of Lok sabha.According to me if at National level congress wins then it will stop their support to Arvind but if they loose then they will continue their support. Every body is seeing the growth of Gujrat for the last 10 years and everybody wants the same development at National level. Most of the senior Journalists are saying Modi-fication will happen in India.  But this is not Mathematics where 2*2 is always 4, this is purely politics where what can happen no body can predict before time as Predictions can be wrong. But when i talk to people around me everybody is swinging in the mood of Modi-fication.

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