Friday, 14 February 2014

Delhi went hottest on cold rainy night.

Latest News is Mr. Kejriwal is giving Resignation from his CM post. Delhi will break all the records of being hottest. For the last few months every second was about to watch in Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal is playing cricket with bat in his hand & all fielders favoring his destiny. Every times he hits the ball , every time fielders misfielded. Great Entertainment , Great Drama...
Actually this may be a clever step by him. He is going off the Government with very honest & clean image. Common people will start thinking again for his honesty but don't forget that Lok sabha elections are just an inch ahead. And with this step State elections will be  held again for sure & its cent percent that state elections will held with at same time with lok sabha elections. Now Janta will deviate from Modi for sure. Kejriwal thinks really great. His words are really true that He will make others learn Politics.
I really cannot understand why he has given resignation? If this Janlokpal bill is not passed then what ? This resignation step should be the last after completing all the other stuff. If Kejriwal as done all the other works related to his manifesto? Initially we were thinking of giving him time to show his performance & now? Actually he pissed off all people. There were so many people who wants to see him as CM..There were lots of people who wants to kick off the contractual tag from their forehead. Really Stunned with his Decision of Resignation. He should be there for some more time for completing some important works. He is actually going away from his responsibilities. I am not saying he is not honest. He may be Honest but to hell with honesty. Honesty honesty bored of listening this word. Truth is he wants Lok sabha elections also without doing enough work..I was thinking he will change the system, he will do this thing...he will do that thing..But i got the answer of my questions. India will remain same, so does delhi and 28 states.

In the end i want to share some lines with you people:-

"Mr. Kejriwal...Ne kiya Dhamaal..
Chaldi unhoney ekk aur chaal..
Sabhi Mantriyon ko kiya behaal..
Socha tha rahogey aap kuch saal..
Badlogey desh ke kuch soor aur kuch taal..
Par Chorh gaye aap to humey hamarey haal..
Na badla Delhi aur na mantriyon ka jaal..
Wah Kejriwal...wah Kejriwal  "

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