Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Delhi CM on Road..

Every Newspaper...Every News channel giving up same news..Delhi CM on Road..
Its another surprising step by Kejriwal. Everybody saying him as an event planner who knows hows to advertise in today's era. I think he is showing the other people that Delhi police is not in his control and if something happens in Delhi because of Police then his government is not to be blamed. Some Netas just says out the things but he first gives out the proofs for the things & then says. If he could have said directly that suspension of Police is not in his hands, every common man would have stared him with suspicion. And now every common man will believe him that yes police is really not in his hands. He starts thinking where others have stopped.
He is really writing out pages of history for future generation. No CM has ever spent a night outside on road but him, No CM has opposed Police but him, No CM has yet taken action against Corruption but him. We people starts thinking against any other in no time, without giving the other person a little time. Its just a month back, his government has come. Let we should give him time & be patient & see after a year or so.
I do remember the words by public just after a day of his CM, "Delhi appears to be same even now". Delhi cannot be changed in a day. It takes time to improve others.
Kiran Bedi said "He remains a protester,has failed to be an administrator".For them i will say you people were asked to be administrator then why you haven't joined them? Its easy to scrutinize or criticize others job.
I will not say to favor or not to favor him. Nor a person should favor anyone.

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